Follows Miami-Dade Launch of First Fully Integrated Smart City Ecosystem

Miami, FL – June 12, 2017 – CIVIQ Smartscapes is leading the industry with a proven track record of smart city innovation. The company will today demonstrate its unique capabilities to help cities connect, compete and collaborate at eMerge Americas, the tech conference connecting global innovators, industry leaders and investors from Latin America, North America and Europe.

CIVIQ supports communities as they move into the digital world with people-centered technology and street-level presence – including software, hardware and applications – that will connect people to places and to services, enhancing their experiences and helping them find their way in the world. Through interactive displays and a connected digital experience, CIVIQ provides free high-speed public Wi-Fi for easy access to communications networks, timely transportation schedules and updates to improve commuter mobility and emergency alerts to enhance safety and security throughout the community.

CIVIQ’s partnership with eMerge Americas’ Miami conference builds on the company’s recent engagement with Miami-Dade County. Last month, CIVIQ unveiled the new Miami-Dade County WayPoint at Government Center in Miami, marking the launch of the world’s first fully integrated smart city ecosystem, which will help Miami-Dade County better connect and communicate to all who live, work in and visit the County. CIVIQ is set to install and maintain up to 300 interactive digital WayPoints, which will include free public Wi-Fi; over 1,000 Wi-Fi devices in public transit vehicles; and 50 additional Wi-Fi devices for transit stations.

“Cities are racing to be innovative and Miami-Dade is competing by installing intelligent devices that connect everyone,” said George Burciaga, Managing Director, Global Government Development and Innovation at CIVIQ Smartscapes. “By connecting devices, people, and services, we respond to city issues and introduce a new digital experience. The response delivers measurable impact measured by stakeholder engagement, transformed infrastructure, and improved city services. We are excited to work with AT&T in Miami and other markets around the country – and we look forward to showcasing our unique capabilities at eMerge Americas.”

“CIVIQ connected communities are safer, more vibrant, and more welcoming for all who live and visit those communities,” said Xavier Gonzalez, CEO of eMerge Americas. “We are excited to welcome CIVIQ as a partner with eMerge Americas.”