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March News Roundup
Bexar County
Public Wi-Fi Kiosk Trend Hits San Antonio Area. 
Bexar County will be the next community to offer free public Wi-Fi through CIVIQ WayPoints planted in sidewalks.
CIVIQ WayPoints in NYC's Newest Subway Line
CIVIQ Smartscapes Outfits Inside NYC’s Newest Subway Line
CIVIQ has installed its “WayPoint” interactive information station network in New York City’s newest subway line, the Second Avenue Subway.
How Illinois'CIO Got Buy-In for the State's Data Sharing AgreementHow Illinois’ CIO Got Buy-In for the State’s Data Sharing Agreement.
In a Q&A, Hardik Bhatt discusses what he learned from the successful completion of the state data sharing agreement.
Cities as engines of Innovation and Inclusive GrowthCities as Engines of Innovation and Inclusive Growth 
Fondazione Brodolini brings together the perspective and learnings of local administrations’ officials, experts, corporate and civil society representatives around cities capacity to play a crucial role as engines of economic growth and employment opportunities, places of connectivity, creativity and innovation, and as centers of services.
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What the world's best smart cities do to stay aheadWhat the World’s Best Smart Cities do to Stay Ahead.
Smart cities integrate businesses in an expanding global innovation network. They do much more than creating a single great product or industry to stay ahead of the innovation curve. They develop visioning initiatives to create their preferred futures.
Gerry Burns
CIVIQ Smartscapes Announces New President Gerry Burns.
Twenty five year tech veteran and former CEO and private equity executive joins Smart Cities industry leader. 


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