Harold Hoody

Milford, MA – JMC Capital Partners welcomes Harold Moody to its platform company, Comark LLC, as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development.

Prior to Comark, Harold worked for Barksdale, a division of Crane Co., where he was Vice-President & General Manager, Oil & Gas. Throughout his career, Harold has been involved in the Process Controls & Automation and Factory Automation industries.  He worked in companies such as Dynalco Controls, SOR, Ferguson Company and EDS.   Harold has a wide breadth of experience through his roles in engineering, sales and marketing, and general management. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and MBA from Columbia Business School.


About Comark
Comark designs and manufactures high-performance, ruggedized computer and display solutions for mission critical automation and control applications that service commercial, industrial, and government applications. Comark is driven by over 41 years of innovative solutions with over 120,000 systems in the field compromised of off-the-shelf certified solutions, non-certified solutions, and custom engineered solutions. Comark is located in Milford, MA, but through recent acquisitions now has field office locations in Ann Arbor, MI and Minneapolis, MN. Visit www.comarkcorp.com for information on Comark brands and products.


About JMC
Founded in 1999, JMC has developed a proven track record of returns through the execution of their industrial platform strategy. Additional information concerning JMC’s investment strategy, leadership team, and portfolio investments may be found at www.jmccp.com.


Media Contact:
Mr. Dave Stratford, Marketing Manager
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Email: dstratford@comarkcorp.com