The MissionVue MV241D is a 24” sealed display originally developed as a drop-in replacement for the current US Navy CDS (Common Display System) consoles. The latest generation in Comark’s 24” line incorporates the high-resolution 1920×1200 LED backlit LCD, matched with current display controller technology plus the addition of ECDIS compatibility including remote dimming. The MV241D offers touchscreen, input power, and brightness options plus the mounting points for the legacy CDS or an optional panel mount. The low profile sealed enclosure features a fan-less design that offers superior reliability for Military applications.

Comark’s Business Development Manager Keith Vreeland adds “The MV241D with its enhanced features expands Comark’s potential for applications in both the US Navy and other military programs. This display offers an economical matched replacement for legacy programs as well as it expands Comark’s wide format offerings.”

About Comark
Comark designs and manufactures high-performance, rugged computer and display solutions for mission critical military, marine, life safety, automation and control applications. The company is driven by innovation with over 35 years of computer and display solutions and over 80,000 systems fielded.