Coral Springs, FL – UNIPOWER re-introduces the SLI15 Inverter Series, its most popular line of inverters with added features and performance enhancements. The SLI15 inverter is available in both 24VDC and 48VDC input versions and provides a full 1500 watts of 115VAC or 230VAC in a simple 1RU rack-mount package. Electrical performance of the SLI15 is exemplary of a top-of-the-market product with efficiency that peaks at 93%.



The product is available with a programmable transfer switch that allows the user to select either “On-Line” or “Off-Line” operation mode. In “On-Line” mode, the AC output is normally from the inverter and switches to the utility supply if the inverter output goes out of tolerance. In “Off-Line” mode the output is normally from the utility supply and switches to the inverter if the utility supply goes out of tolerance. Transfer time is less than 2.5ms. Units can also be ordered without the STS option for cost sensitive applications.

Paralleling of up to six SLI15 Inverters is possible, providing up to 9,000 watts of power and it is made easy with paralleling kits now available. Hot-swap and rack-mount models can be paralleled, and kits are available for both models.

Available as well is the ability to monitor these inverters independently or monitored thru the controller of the UNIPOWER Guardian DC systems or Hybrid systems by using the “Guardian Translator Kit” to convert the data that is transmitted on the SLI inverter interface into a format that can be understood by our HCC and ACC Extended controllers. This allows all of the functionality of the DC sections as well as the AC sections to go though one controller for real integration.

All SLI15 models are safety approved and most models are available from stock in small quantities.

For more product specifications: 1.5KVA INVERTER – SLI15 SERIES

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UNIPOWER LLC is dedicated to providing power for mission critical applications, with a complete line of the high-efficiency rectifiers, inverters and DC power systems. UNIPOWER is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida with Global Sales and technical coverage. UNIPOWER has active installations in over 60 countries.

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