Boston, MA, Sept 5, 2017 – CIVIQ Smartscapes, a global leader in smart city innovation, today launched its exclusive partnership with IsraLink. Together, CIVIQ and IsraLink – a top Israel-based smart cityscape company – will deploy CIVIQ solutions across Israel, helping cities connect, compete and innovate.

Building on CIVIQ’s existing partnership with IsraLink, the first WayPoint arrived in Israel and will be used by IsraLink for demonstrations in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and other Israeli cities. The arrival of the WayPoint marks the latest milestone in a two-year relationship between the companies.

“We are thrilled to begin a partnership with IsraLink,” said Gerry Burns, president of CIVIQ Smartscapes. “Israel has long been recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we are excited to join forces as they reach out to innovative hubs like Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. Today, CIVIQ sets the standard for smart city urban innovation; our collaboration with Isralink demonstrates how we are redefining safety, mobility and connectivity for cities around the globe.”

“IsraLink is happy to announce the arrival of the first CIVIQ WayPoint in Israel,” said Jonathan Jacobovitz, founder and CEO of IsraLink. “Our shared commitment to connecting people to places and experiences is apparent in this growing partnership.”

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