CIVIQ Smartscapes is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring the SEGD Seattle Conference this year, and hosting a Design Thinking Workshop.

The workshop will explore user problems that could potentially be solved if a city were to adopt some type of public-facing, Internet-enabled device.

Design Thinking is revolutionizing the worlds of business and governance and is now considered the gold standard for providing truly user-centered outcomes. In the world of Experiential Graphic Design, it is driving a shift from creating objects to creating strategies and processes for meeting user needs.

The session will be led by Nils Wilberg of Gargarin and Justin Molloy of SEGD, and be hosted by Brad Gleeson of CIVIQ.

Workshop participants will work in geographically-oriented groups to focus on what types of problems that Internet-enabled devices could help solve in their cities.

“Our objective is NOT to design the device, the interface or anything visual at all,” emphasizes Molloy. “Our goal is to map out who the users are, what the users might need or be doing, where these devices would be found, why people might need to use them and how the city or municipality might make people aware of the devices.”

“There are no wrong answers,” says Wilberg. “We are here to develop a profile for this use, a persona and empathy for the users’ needs and how the device might improve or innovate the community and city.”

The fast-paced process will allow the groups to ideate and generate user profiles, then share with the other groups and gather feedback.

The Design Thinking workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 11, during the SEGD Conference, and is shaping up to be one of the most popular workshops of the SEGD conference. To register, click here.

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