In November of 2015, the migration of the Ann Arbor, MI facility was completed, which included the Nematron™ brand industrial panel computer and display lines that was acquired in July 2014. While consolidation of operations into Milford was a primary objective for Ann Arbor and Minneapolis, the major benefits of both migrations will be realized in faster response to customer needs across all product platforms, improved production efficiency, and streamlined operational functions – from sales and service to the manufacturing floor.

“This migration allows Comark to continue on the planned growth path of the company by consolidating the manufacturing operations of its targeted acquisitions while improving our overall operations and ability to service the needs of our customers better and faster,” states Greg Baletsa, CEO of Comark. “Both the Nematron and Total Control Solutions operations were significant moves, and the Comark transformation team did an excellent job with the planning and execution of the moves.”

About Comark
Comark designs and manufactures high-performance, ruggedized computer and display solutions for mission critical automation and control applications that service commercial, industrial, and government applications. Comark is driven by over 41 years of innovative solutions with over 120,000 systems in the field comprised of off-the-shelf certified solutions, non-certified solutions, and custom engineered solutions. Comark is located in Milford, MA, but through recent acquisitions now has field office locations in Ann Arbor, MI and Minneapolis, MN. Visit for information on Comark brands and products.